Stuck on the road? Tow truck in your city - call now!

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Don't waste time! If your car needs towing, our professional driver is already ready to come to you. Quick response, affordable prices, and excellent service. Call now and get help immediately!

Stuck on the road? Tow truck in your city - call now!

How to get our towing services?

1. Contact us

Call us at+38 (096) 607 46 00or write to us on Viber, Telegram

2. Provide information

Provide the exact address or location of your car. Describe the type and condition of your car (passenger car, truck, etc.). Briefly describe the problem (breakdown, accident, car won't start, etc.).

3. Cost estimation

We will inform you of the approximate cost of the service based on the provided information. You confirm the order by agreeing to the cost and terms.

4. Tow truck arrival

Our tow truck driver will immediately set off to you and inform you of the estimated arrival time. You can contact the driver to know the arrival status.

5. Car towing

Our driver will safely load your car onto the tow truck. We will deliver your car to the location you specified (service station, garage, etc.).

6. Service payment

You can pay for the service in cash or by bank transfer.

7. Feedback and follow-up

After the service is completed, we would appreciate your feedback, which can be left on the website or social networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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